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mod_amr_solution_node.t File Reference

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module  mod_amr_solution_node


integer function, public mod_amr_solution_node::getnode (ipe)
 Get first available igrid on processor ipe. More...
subroutine, public mod_amr_solution_node::putnode (igrid, ipe)
subroutine, public mod_amr_solution_node::alloc_node (igrid)
 allocate arrays on igrid node More...
subroutine, public mod_amr_solution_node::alloc_state (igrid, s, ixGL, ixGextL, alloc_once_for_ps)
 allocate memory to physical state of igrid node More...
subroutine mod_amr_solution_node::alloc_state_coarse (igrid, s, ixGL, ixGextL)
 allocate memory to one-level coarser physical state of igrid node More...
subroutine mod_amr_solution_node::dealloc_state (igrid, s, dealloc_x)
subroutine mod_amr_solution_node::dealloc_state_coarse (igrid, s)
subroutine, public mod_amr_solution_node::dealloc_node (igrid)