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mod_basic_types.t File Reference

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module  mod_basic_types
 Module with basic data types used in amrvac.


integer, parameter mod_basic_types::size_real = 4
 Size (in bytes) of single precision real. More...
integer, parameter mod_basic_types::size_double = 8
 Size (in bytes) of double precision real. More...
integer, parameter mod_basic_types::size_int = 4
 Size (in bytes) of default integer. More...
integer, parameter mod_basic_types::size_logical = 4
 Size (in bytes) of default logical. More...
integer, parameter mod_basic_types::std_len = 131
 Default length for strings. More...
integer, parameter mod_basic_types::name_len = 16
 Default length for names (of e.g. variables) More...