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mod_calculate_xw.t File Reference

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module  mod_calculate_xw
 Handles computations for coordinates and variables in output.


subroutine mod_calculate_xw::calc_grid (qunit, igrid, xC, xCC, xC_TMP, xCC_TMP, wC_TMP, wCC_TMP, normconv, ixCL, ixCCL, first)
 Compute both corner as well as cell-centered values for output. More...
subroutine mod_calculate_xw::to_cartesian (x_TMP, w_TMP, ixL, xC, wC)
 convert to cartesian coordinates and vector components More...
subroutine mod_calculate_xw::getheadernames (wnamei, xandwnamei, outfilehead)
 get all variables names More...
subroutine mod_calculate_xw::calc_x (igrid, xC, xCC)
 computes cell corner (xC) and cell center (xCC) coordinates More...