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mod_input_output_helper.t File Reference

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module  mod_input_output_helper


character(len=name_len) function, dimension(1:nwc), public mod_input_output_helper::get_names_from_string (aux_variable_names, nwc)
pure integer function, public mod_input_output_helper::count_ix (ixOL)
 Compute number of elements in index range. More...
subroutine, public mod_input_output_helper::block_shape_io (igrid, n_ghost, ixOL, n_values)
 Determine the shape of a block for output (whether to include ghost cells, and on which sides) More...
subroutine, public mod_input_output_helper::create_output_file (fh, ix, extension, suffix)
 Standard method for creating a new output file. More...
subroutine, public mod_input_output_helper::snapshot_write_header1 (fh, offset_tree, offset_block, dataset_names, nw_vars)
 Write header for a snapshot, generalize cons_wnames and nw. More...


logical mod_input_output_helper::save_now
 whether a manually inserted snapshot is saved More...
integer, parameter mod_input_output_helper::version_number = 5
 Version number of the .dat file output. More...