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mod_nonlinear_roe.t File Reference

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module  mod_nonlinear_roe
 Module containing Roe solver for scalar nonlinear equation.


subroutine, public mod_nonlinear_roe::nonlinear_roe_init ()
subroutine mod_nonlinear_roe::nonlinear_average (wL, wR, x, ixL, idim, wroe, workroe)
subroutine mod_nonlinear_roe::nonlinear_get_eigenjump (wL, wR, wC, x, ixL, il, idim, smalla, a, jump, workroe)
subroutine mod_nonlinear_roe::nonlinear_rtimes (q, w, ixL, iw, il, idim, rq, workroe)