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mod_opal_opacity.t File Reference

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module  mod_opal_opacity
 This module reads in Rosseland-mean opacities from OPAL tables. Table opacity values are given in base 10 logarithm and are a function of mass density (R) and temperature (T), which are also both given in base 10 logarithm.


subroutine, public mod_opal_opacity::init_opal_table (tablename)
 This subroutine is called when the FLD radiation module is initialised. The OPAL tables for different helium abundances are read and interpolated. More...
subroutine, public mod_opal_opacity::set_opal_opacity (rho, temp, kappa)
 This subroutine calculates the opacity for a given temperature-density structure. Opacities are read from a table with given metalicity. More...
subroutine mod_opal_opacity::read_table (R, T, K, filename)
 This routine reads in 1-D (rho,T) values from an opacity table and gives back as output the 1-D (rho,T) values and 2-D opacity. More...
subroutine mod_opal_opacity::get_kappa (Kappa_vals, logR_list, logT_list, R, T, K)
 This subroutine looks in the table for the four couples (T,rho) surrounding a given input T and rho. More...
subroutine mod_opal_opacity::get_low_up_index (var_in, var_list, imin, imax, low_i, up_i)
 This subroutine finds the indices in rho and T arrays of the two values surrounding the input rho and T. More...
subroutine mod_opal_opacity::interpolate_krt (low_r, up_r, low_t, up_t, logR_list, logT_list, Kappa_vals, R, T, kappa_interp)
 This subroutine does a bilinear interpolation in the R,T-plane. More...
subroutine mod_opal_opacity::interpolate1d (x1, x2, x, y1, y2, y)
 Interpolation in one dimension. More...


integer, parameter mod_opal_opacity::irmin = 2
 min and max indices for R,T-range in opacity table More...
integer, parameter mod_opal_opacity::irmax = 20
integer, parameter mod_opal_opacity::itmin = 7
integer, parameter mod_opal_opacity::itmax = 76
double precision, dimension(itmin:itmax, irmin:irmax), public mod_opal_opacity::kappa_vals
 The opacity tables are read once and stored globally in Kappa_vals. More...
double precision, dimension(irmin:irmax), public mod_opal_opacity::logr_list
double precision, dimension(itmin:itmax), public mod_opal_opacity::logt_list