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mod_particle_advect.t File Reference

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module  mod_particle_advect
 Tracer for advected particles moving with fluid flows By Jannis Teunissen, Bart Ripperda, Oliver Porth, and Fabio Bacchini (2017-2020)


subroutine, public mod_particle_advect::advect_init ()
subroutine, public mod_particle_advect::advect_create_particles ()
subroutine mod_particle_advect::advect_fill_gridvars
subroutine mod_particle_advect::advect_integrate_particles (end_time)
subroutine mod_particle_advect::advect_update_payload (igrid, xpart, upart, qpart, mpart, mypayload, mynpayload, particle_time)
 Payload update. More...
subroutine mod_particle_advect::derivs_advect (t_s, x, dxdt)
double precision function mod_particle_advect::advect_get_particle_dt (partp, end_time)
subroutine mod_particle_advect::get_vec_advect (igrid, x, tloc, var, ibeg, iend)