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mod_solar_atmosphere.t File Reference

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module  mod_solar_atmosphere
 User can use subroutine get_atm_para to generate 1D solar stmosphere. User should provide heights (h), number density at h=0, number of points (nh), and the gravity (grav) at each point. User can select temperature profile. This subroutine will return density and pressure at each point.


subroutine mod_solar_atmosphere::get_atm_para (h, rho, pth, grav, nh, Tcurve, hc, rhohc, Tem)
subroutine mod_solar_atmosphere::get_te_alc7 (h, Te, nh)
subroutine mod_solar_atmosphere::get_te_sprm (h, Te, nh)
subroutine mod_solar_atmosphere::get_te_valc (h, Te, nh)
subroutine mod_solar_atmosphere::get_te_hong (h, Te, nh)


integer mod_solar_atmosphere::n_valc
integer mod_solar_atmosphere::n_hong
integer mod_solar_atmosphere::n_fontenla
integer mod_solar_atmosphere::n_alc7
double precision, dimension(1:52) mod_solar_atmosphere::h_valc
double precision, dimension(1:52) mod_solar_atmosphere::t_valc
double precision, dimension(1:300) mod_solar_atmosphere::h_hong
double precision, dimension(1:300) mod_solar_atmosphere::t_hong
double precision, dimension(1:56) mod_solar_atmosphere::h_fontenla
double precision, dimension(1:56) mod_solar_atmosphere::t_fontenla
double precision, dimension(1:140) mod_solar_atmosphere::h_alc7
double precision, dimension(1:140) mod_solar_atmosphere::t_alc7