The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code (development version)
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mod_timing.t File Reference

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module  mod_timing


double precision mod_timing::time_in
double precision mod_timing::timeio0
double precision mod_timing::timeio_tot =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::timegr0
double precision mod_timing::timegr_tot =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::timeloop
double precision mod_timing::timeloop0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_io =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_int =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_com =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_grid =0.0d0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_int_0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_com0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_io_0
double precision mod_timing::tpartc_grid_0
integer mod_timing::ittimelast
double precision mod_timing::timelast