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mod_trace_field.t File Reference

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module  mod_trace_field


subroutine mod_trace_field::trace_field_multi (xfm, wPm, wLm, dL, numL, numP, nwP, nwL, forwardm, ftype, tcondi)
subroutine mod_trace_field::trace_field_single (xf, wP, wL, dL, numP, nwP, nwL, forward, ftype, tcondi)
subroutine mod_trace_field::find_points_in_pe (igrid, ipoint_in, xf, wP, wL, dL, numP, nwP, nwL, forward, ftype, tcondi, statusF)
subroutine mod_trace_field::find_next_grid (igrid, igrid_next, ipe_next, xf1, newpe, stopT)
subroutine mod_trace_field::find_points_interp (igrid, ip_in, ip_out, xf, wP, wL, numP, nwP, nwL, dL, forward, ftype, tcondi)
subroutine mod_trace_field::get_k (xfn, igrid, K, ixIL, dxbD, ftype)
subroutine mod_trace_field::get_t_loc_trac (igrid, xloc, Tloc, ixIL, dxbD)