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mod_functions_forest.t File Reference

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module  mod_functions_forest


subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::init_forest_root
 build root forest More...
subroutine mod_functions_forest::init_tree_leaf (tree, igD, level, igrid, ipe, active)
subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::coarsen_tree_leaf (igrid, ipe, child_igrid, child_ipe, active)
subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::refine_tree_leaf (child_igrid, child_ipe, igrid, ipe, active)
subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::change_ipe_tree_leaf (recv_igrid, recv_ipe, send_igrid, send_ipe)
subroutine mod_functions_forest::add_to_linked_list (level, tree)
subroutine mod_functions_forest::delete_from_linked_list (level, tree)
subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::write_forest (file_handle)
recursive subroutine write_node (tree)
subroutine, public mod_functions_forest::read_forest (file_handle)
recursive subroutine read_node (tree, igD, level)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ read_node()

recursive subroutine read_forest::read_node ( type(tree_node_ptr tree,
integer, intent(in)  ig,
integer, intent(in)  D,
integer, intent(in)  level 

Definition at line 375 of file mod_functions_forest.t.

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◆ write_node()

recursive subroutine write_forest::write_node ( type(tree_node_ptr tree)

Definition at line 316 of file mod_functions_forest.t.