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mod_random_heating.t File Reference

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module  mod_random_heating


subroutine mod_random_heating::getlqgrid (lQgrid, ixIL, ixOL, qt, trelax, x, mode, vtim, vlim)
 This module is for imposing randomized heating at x-axis for 2.5D simulation, for details please see Zhou et al. (2020, Nature Astronomy,4,994) and Li et al. (2022,ApJ,926,216). Users can define the parameters "trelax,vtim,vlim,periods,variation,num,mnx" in the mod_usr.t file. Example for using this module please see tests/mhd/coronal_rain_2.5D. More...
subroutine mod_random_heating::generatetv (vtim, vlim, periods, variation, mnx, num, si)
subroutine mod_random_heating::randomt (tb, vtim, periods, variation, filename)
subroutine mod_random_heating::randomv (va, vtim, vlim, mnx, num, si, filename)


double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::va1
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::ta1
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::tb1
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::va2
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::ta2
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable mod_random_heating::tb2