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mod_viscosity.t File Reference

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module  mod_viscosity
 The module add viscous source terms and check time step.


subroutine mod_viscosity::vc_params_read (files)
 Read this module"s parameters from a file. More...
subroutine mod_viscosity::viscosity_init (phys_wider_stencil, phys_req_diagonal)
 Initialize the module. More...
subroutine mod_viscosity::viscosity_add_source (qdt, ixIL, ixOL, wCT, w, x, energy, qsourcesplit, active)
subroutine mod_viscosity::viscosity_get_dt (w, ixIL, ixOL, dtnew, dxD, x)
subroutine, public mod_viscosity::visc_get_flux_prim (w, x, ixIL, ixOL, idim, f, energy)
subroutine mod_viscosity::get_crossgrad (ixIL, ixOL, x, w, idim, cross)
subroutine mod_viscosity::cart_cross_grad (ixIL, ixOL, x, w, idim, cross)
 yields d_i v_j + d_j v_i for a given i, OK in Cartesian and for some tensor terms in cylindrical (rr & rz) and in spherical (rr) More...
subroutine mod_viscosity::visc_add_source_geom (qdt, ixIL, ixOL, wCT, w, x)


double precision, public mod_viscosity::vc_mu = 1.d0
 Viscosity coefficient. More...
logical mod_viscosity::vc_4th_order = .false.
 fourth order More...
logical mod_viscosity::vc_split = .false.
 source split or not More...
logical mod_viscosity::viscindiv = .false.
 whether to compute the viscous terms as fluxes (ie in the div on the LHS), or not (by default) More...