The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code (development version)
mod_trac Module Reference


subroutine get_te_grid ()
subroutine interp_tcoff (xF, ipel, igridl, numR, Tlcoff)
subroutine, public initialize_trac_after_settree

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ get_te_grid()

subroutine mod_trac::get_te_grid

Definition at line 586 of file mod_trac.t.

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◆ initialize_trac_after_settree()

subroutine, public mod_trac::initialize_trac_after_settree

Definition at line 891 of file mod_trac.t.

◆ interp_tcoff()

subroutine mod_trac::interp_tcoff ( double precision, dimension(numfl,numlp,ndim)  xF,
integer, dimension(numfl,numlp)  ipel,
integer, dimension(numfl,numlp)  igridl,
integer, dimension(numfl)  numR,
double precision, dimension(numfl)  Tlcoff 

Definition at line 714 of file mod_trac.t.