The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code (development version)
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m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t Type Reference

Box data structure. More...

Public Attributes

integer rank
 Which process owns this box. More...
integer id
 Box id (index in boxes(:) array) More...
integer lvl
 Refinement level. More...
integer, dimension(3) ix
 Spatial index. More...
integer parent
 Id of parent. More...
integer, dimension(2 **3) children
 Ids of children. More...
integer, dimension(2 *3) neighbors
 Ids of neighbors. More...
real(dp), dimension(3) r_min
 Minimum coordinate. More...
real(dp), dimension(3) dr
 Grid spacing. More...
real(dp), dimension(:, :, :, :), allocatable cc
 Cell-centered data. More...

Detailed Description

Box data structure.

Definition at line 161 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cc

real(dp), dimension(:, :, :, :), allocatable m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::cc

Cell-centered data.

Definition at line 172 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ children

integer, dimension(2**3) m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::children

Ids of children.

Definition at line 167 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ dr

real(dp), dimension(3) m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::dr

Grid spacing.

Definition at line 170 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ id

integer m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::id

Box id (index in boxes(:) array)

Definition at line 163 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ ix

integer, dimension(3) m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::ix

Spatial index.

Definition at line 165 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ lvl

integer m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::lvl

Refinement level.

Definition at line 164 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ neighbors

integer, dimension(2*3) m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::neighbors

Ids of neighbors.

Definition at line 168 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ parent

integer m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::parent

Id of parent.

Definition at line 166 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ r_min

real(dp), dimension(3) m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::r_min

Minimum coordinate.

Definition at line 169 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

◆ rank

integer m_octree_mg_3d::mg_box_t::rank

Which process owns this box.

Definition at line 162 of file m_octree_mg_3d.t.

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