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mod_lfff.t File Reference

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module  mod_lfff
 Program to extrapolate linear force-free fields in 3D Cartesian coordinates, based on exact Green function method (Chiu & Hilton 1977 ApJ 212,873).


subroutine mod_lfff::init_b_fff_data (magnetogramname, qLunit, qBunit)
subroutine mod_lfff::calc_lin_fff (ixIL, ixOL, Bf, x, alpha, zshift, idir)
subroutine mod_lfff::get_potential_field_potential (ixIL, ixOL, potential, x, zshift)
subroutine mod_lfff::get_potential_field_potential_sphere (ixIL, x, potential, nth, nph, magnetogram, theta, phi, r_sphere)
subroutine mod_lfff::potential_field_energy_mg (benergy)
 get potential magnetic field energy given normal B on all boundaries More...
subroutine mod_lfff::get_potential_field_potential_mg ()
 Solve Poisson equation of scalar potential using multigrid solver. More...
subroutine mod_lfff::multigrid_bc (box, nc, iv, nb, bc_type, bc)
 To set boundary condition on physical boundaries for mg Poisson solver. More...


integer, save mod_lfff::nx1
integer, save mod_lfff::nx2
double precision, save mod_lfff::bzmax
double precision, save mod_lfff::darea
double precision, dimension(:,:), allocatable, save mod_lfff::bz0
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable, save mod_lfff::xa1
double precision, dimension(:), allocatable, save mod_lfff::xa2