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mod_pfss.t File Reference

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module  mod_pfss
 module mod_pfss.t – potential field source surface model PURPOSE : to extrapolate global potential magnetic field of the sun from synoptic magnetograms 2013.11.04 Developed by S. Moschou and C. Xia 2014.04.01 Allow to change source surface (C. Xia) PRECONDITIONS:


subroutine, public mod_pfss::harm_coef (mapname)
subroutine mod_pfss::cfweights (ym, miu, cfwm)
subroutine mod_pfss::coef (b_r0, xm, ym, miu, mius, cfwm)
subroutine, public mod_pfss::pfss (ixIL, ixOL, Bpf, x)
subroutine mod_pfss::inv_sph_transform (Bt, phi, miu, mius, nphi, ntheta, Bpf, qlmax)
subroutine mod_pfss::fft (a, b, ntot, n, nspan, isn)


double precision, public mod_pfss::r_s =2.5d0
double precision, public mod_pfss::r_0 =1.d0
integer, public mod_pfss::lmax =0
logical, public mod_pfss::trunc =.false.